Photographer: Michael Klement

After taking my first photography class in high school, my love and passion for photography has only continued to grow. When I am out, I do not see buildings or people, I see subjects and different angles to photograph something. Everywhere I go and everything I see is another possible photograph.

I have been photographing the world for over 10 years and have loved every minute of it. I strive to always find the most unique angles and breathtaking shots, to take something common and make it extraordinary. In 2005 I decided to open my online gallery to offer high quality and beautiful art for a fair price for all to enjoy. I feel art should be hung up, discussed and enjoyed and affordable to everyone.

Art has always been a passion and i want to share that passion and give back. That is why i serve on the board of directors for Hopkins Art Center, St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts and serve as chairman for the Hopkins Art Festival.


At the Klement Gallery, we use only professional photo paper when printing your order. This ensures you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photograph available. Every photograph is printed on Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper and is never a poster, cheap print or reproduction like you might find in stores or elsewhere.

Our Belief:

Photography Driven by Passion.
At the Klement Gallery, we believe that art should be hung up, discussed and enjoyed and not just about profit and markup. This is why we strive to always offer the highest quality art at the best price. We never compromise on quality and every photograph has been captured by Michael Klement and is never digitally manipulated or altered.